Ginger Blast - World Strongest Ginger Matcha Lemon Extract - 45gr

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GingerBlast® is a blend of elite ginger super extracts that help combat the effects of stress to fuel your physical and entrepreneurial feats.

Contains ingredients with proven benefits:

  • Boosts energy and reduces fatigue
  • Helps restore and sustain energy levels
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function


Ginger BLAST consists out of a blend of three different ginger harvests.
A unique mix of Indian, Hawaiian and Filipino ginger extract. In this blend we added a subtle taste of pure lemon extracts that is in perfect balance with the spiciness of the ginger. And to top it of we added a RAW Matcha blend to it. That gives to divine taste of Matcha and the beautiful green color.


The Ginger BLAST extract comes in a sealed 50gr jar.
One jar wil contain more or less than 30gr.  

That means you can have around 10 - 15 drinks out of one jar. 
That makes it cheaper than getting a ginger tea in your local hipster coffee bar.


To use as a hot drink 1 or 2 coffee spoon in 150ml of hot water is enough.
But we challenge you to use more ;-)